About us


Sri Lanka, the unknown Jewel in Asia, is currently experiencing a rapid phase of development and attracting an unprecedented amount of international, as well as domestic, investment funding.

As a part of the maritime “Silk Route” the long-term aspirations of this island nation are with regard to development and investment are modelled upon that of its close neighbour Singapore.

Bearing in mind that Sri Lanka had endured a civil war which lasted over 25 years and which had measurably subdued the potential for country’s development and outside investment, now the current direction of the people and the nation has moved on from this historical past and moved into a period where the obvious attraction to international investors is reflected in the magnitude of the projects that can be seen being proposed, in progress or completed around Colombo city skyline.

Once outside the capital city limits there are innumerable projects which encompass all aspects of life, agriculture, manufacturing, production and tourism which are benefiting and providing a basis for expansion of the entire island.


BrightHouse Worldwide Property Sales was conceived after extensive research of the current market conditions, potential, an in depth review of future projects and along with our personal experience, which identified gaps in the market where a high end luxury value addition service will not only prosper but be able to set standards for the market and gain a large portion of market share.

Considering the current volume of units proposed and in development, Sri Lanka still remains one of the unique markets where demand outstrips supply and a large percentage of developments are sold out prior to breaking ground. With this amount of demand the success of the developer will be in providing an unequaled product and services to their clients.

Our previous experience shows us that attention to detail, client satisfaction, transparency and maintaining a positive overall relationship are what matter in the way we execute our business. These are the things we hold as paramount to the success of our business.


BrightHouse Worldwide Property Sales have a very strong in house team backed by associations with some of the leading professionals in their field which enables us to provide the most reliable turnkey solutions to our clients. Should there be a time where we do not have the services or technologies which our clients have requested then they can rest assured that BrightHouse Worldwide Property Sales will use all resources at their disposal to conclude any issue.

Our ultimate goal is reflected in our tag line “Luxury Redefined” which to us at BrightHouse Worldwide Property Sales means delivering a service second to none, being market leaders and setting standards for others to strive towards and try to attain. Never accepting what we would not accept for ourselves and always looking for innovative ideas and solutions to address our clients wishes and aspirations.